Friday Favorites #4

Hey everyone here are my Friday favorites of this week!!!

draw__by_jon_lockThis is an amazing art work Done by no other then Jon Lock. He is one of my favorite deviant artists; He has really simple but colorful and imaginative art works.  Please go check out this artist for more art i’m sure it will amaze you.

Art by: Jon Lock

finn_the_human_and_jake_the_dog_of_adventure_time_by_hollyvalance   I don’t know why but this art style is really appealing. Must be because its a bit anime-ish. None the less the hair is really well drawn.

Art by: Holly Valance

new_pinterest_account_by_rafchu  Yay!! Salior moon is one of the old anime’s i use to watch as a kid. This really stylized version captures the kiddish essence and is very enjoyable to look at.  Go check out this artist for more art.

Art by: Rafchu

shes_super_by_shannondenise    Super girl is a very popular character in the art world. Don’t really know how it got so popular, but I love this design of her. The style really brings out the cute side of this character.  Go check out this artist for more art.

Art by: ShannonDenise

kaori_miyazono_fanart_by_renayaart   All right if you haven’t seen “Your lie in April” then what are you waiting for. Its one of the top anime this season, getting a second season(OVA) in the fall. Anyway Its a really heart-warming show based on music(click here for further description and free watch ). This illustration really captures that. the colors are amazing and the music notes in the background are really cool looking. Go check out this artist for more art like this.

Art by: RenayaArt

10_days_til_oras_by_el_satoPokemon is one of the coolest shows I watched growing up. It had a shonen and friendship aspect to the way the characters developed. Anyway this is a really beautiful illustration, I would really like a shirt with this on it. Go and check this mans really cool character designs.

Art by: El-Sato

hey_there_by_el_sato Amazing character design by Sato, like the one above its very graphic designy or even videogame-isc. Go check out this artist for more art like this.

Art by: El-Sato

All right that brings us to the end of this weeks Friday favorites. If you have any question leave a comment. Also if you have any suggestions of artist i should look at and put on my Friday favorites let me know. Thanks and Have a great day!! 🙂


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