Friday Favorites #3 (kinda late)

sftrib_08_by_omar_dogan( Sorry for the late blog and stuff been kinda busy.)
Anyways Sakura is awesome!!! Plus this action scene is amazing!!

Art by: Omar-Dogan

little_dragons_by_alviaalcedo-BlogUpdate I usually like more character type Human characters but this shows a lot of emotion. The dragons are so cute, showing a lot of emotion. The highlights are amazingly stylized and appealing.

Art by: Alviaalcedo

feliciaclaw_prev_by_omar_dogan-BlogUpdate Another of my favorite character from a fighting game (Darkstalkers for those of you that don’t know).  Go follow Omar-Dragon his art and fan art will blow your mind. His posing is amazing. Probably why I have 2 entries of his work here. Go Check him out!!

Art by: Omar-Dogan

Betrayel_BlogUpdate Don’t know why but the whole scene is really intriguing. It must be the way the characters express themselves.  So if you want more of this guy click on the link.

Art by: Unodu

sapphire_by_loish_BlogUpdate I think I have posted some other pics of her work, but if I haven’t here you go. Loish is one of my favorite artist her style is something I find amazing. So when i’m down on inspiration I look at her art. Anyway go check her out.

Art by: loish

jzero_suit_samus_kick_by_freezeex-BlogUpdateDynamic poses for days, plus the coloring is amazing!!:)

Art by: freezeex

 sakura___street_fighter_cosplay_selfie__by_enjinight_BlogUpdateSakura is like my all time fav. Street Fighter character and this is the best Sakura cosplay i’ve seen ; So since this is one of my favorite cosplays i’ve seen to date i decided to add her in friday favorites.  So if you want more info and other cosplays, please follow her!

Art(cosplay) by : Enjinight

Hope you enjoy this and Sorry this was posted so late.
Have a great rest of your day.

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