Practice, Practice, Practice

So I have been doing a lot of figure drawing with the help of the website I talked about a couple weeks ago. Anyway yesterday I attempted to draw a full body and it was a lot easier. So my madness with figure drawing actually worked. Just thought Id share with you guys this little enlightenment. Though I know most artist probably know this. But I being a novice and plus not having a teacher, I did not really think it would be that way. Though I play the Violin I guess now I see they both Use the same … Continue reading Practice, Practice, Practice

Drawing tips 

Alright so lately I have been practicing fuigure drawing. But I have been doing this timed.  And I happens to stumble upon a great website for doing so that keeps time for you. The websites name is QuickPoses.  I have been drawing with this websites help 30 – 60min a day for the past week.   Anyway try it out and let me know what you think and what are someother good websites for this.  Continue reading Drawing tips